When one doors closes ….

when one door closes, another one opensGrowing up, I learned through trial and error that it is best to treat people the way you think that you would want to be treated. As an adult, I’ve appended my own addendum: treat your peers the way you think that they would like to be treated. There truly is a difference … stepping outside of the box of one’s own biases, I like to think. With this in mind, I enjoyed my leisurely warm walk into work today and stuffed my way (my job description involved filling bulk containers with healthy edibles = bulk clerk) through several hours, before getting the chance to speak with my Supervisor. I do know that the store goes through employees, kinda like flies stuck to fly paper (it captures its fair share but a few get away — juicier waters) … difficult to maintain your workers when the wage is more competitive at Burger King and such … Calgary is booming so rapidly, jobs are readily available with a higher pay rate than average (for the same position elsewhere). Personally, I just want to pursue my web and contract work on the weekends. No guarantees, but if I don’t open up a time slot in my life outside of a full-time job, the opportunities will not come, nor will I have the time to cre8te those possibilities.

My Supervisor was so kind and understanding in my decision to pursue my own work … And with a clear conscience and light heart, I made my way home to my adorable husband, and then spent several hours at the Stampede’s Home and Garden Show. Another ‘aha!’ moment, with work right at my doorstep: networking a-go-go. And I’m happy to state, that indeed, I did find myself a few leads to my personal freedom from a Saturday job away-from-home. Gotta love it!

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    1. Re: did i read that correctly….?

      Officially we haven’t said our vows, but between us, we have. We did back in June. And we are common-law, as is my understanding.
      You read correctly. 🙂
      Wanted to let this one out slowly.
      I’ve finally gotten used to calling him my husband and slaDE calling me his wife. He even has the ring to show it!
      We will make it official someday … maybe someplace tropical??
      Wonder how long it would take for someone to notice! 😉

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