Thoughts on drinking and driving

No drinking and driving. Ever!
All this information is quoted directly from the website: Think! Road Safety
Here’s a powerful video on YouTube … if this doesn’t inspire you to think seriously before you drink & drive, nothing will.


Even one beer or one spliff makes your driving worse. They slow reaction times and make it easier for you to make bad decisions that could cost your life or someone else’s. At the very least, driving drunk or on drugs makes you an idiot and could get you sent to prison. The effects can include:
    • slower reactions
    • increased stopping distance
    • poorer judgement of speed and distance
    • reduced field of vision
Alcohol also tends to make you feel over-confident and more likely to take risks when driving, which increases the danger to all road users, including yourself.

There is no failsafe guide as to how to stay under the legal alcohol limit or how much you can drink and still drive safely. The only safe option is not to drink if you plan to drive.
No drinking and driving. Ever!

You can’t calculate your alcohol limit, so don’t try.
Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely.

No drinks, no excuses

‘I had a drink, but it was at lunchtime.’
–> Even a small drink at lunchtime makes you sleepier and impairs your driving.

‘I feel fine to drive.’
–> Any amount of alcohol affects your judgement.

‘I’ve only had a couple.’
–> Even a single drink makes you drive less well.

‘I’ve had a meal.’
–> Alcohol still gets into your system and affects your driving.’

‘I can handle my drink.’
–> Alcohol affects everbody’s driving for the worse. It creates a feeling of overconfidence, makes judging distance and speed more difficult and slows your reactions so it takes longer to stop.

‘I’m only going down the road.’
–> A large proportion of all drink drive crashes occur within three miles of the start of the journey.

‘I’m driving slowly and carefully.’
–> Alcohol actually makes you less alert and careful, however slowly you drive.

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