surfing the web of sexiness and desire

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt completely and utterly blah? I’m not speaking about the typical feelings of mal-tempered health, but rather, experiencing the consciousness where one’s ego is taking a (self-imposed) beating with the truly unnerving squelching of any semblance of positiveness and sexiness.

Well today, I’m faced with one of those days. But refusing to get stuck in the wallowing mire of shameful self-pity, I did some research into ways of digging my way out. Who to turn to? Well, Oprah of course.

She writes:

The heart of sexual energy is making others feel beautiful, wanted, clever, charming, making them see themselves in the warm, pink light of our unembarrassed attention and allowing some of the flattering light to fall on ourselves, our strong points and our frank interest. …. It is embracing the world and the people in it; it is embracing desire and attraction as sources of pleasure rather than shame, and appreciating what we have to offer as well as what they, the lucky objects of our desire, do.

Now here’s a chance to turn my own sullen presence and state-of-mind into a positive. What a present I found in my stumbled surfings today! Looks like my honey is in for a treat this evening :).

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