Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Wishing you a day filled with blue skies, wispy clouds, warm bright moments, and the love that you so deserve!

Happy Valentine's Day!

We came home to an incredible Valentine’s Day gift .. Not only did our Landlord replace our dead puny Danby fridge, he gave us a full-sized GE brand NEW refrigerator! After our fiasco last summer of no fridge for 3 weeks and this ordeal of 4 days with only the Koolatron to keep all our perishables somewhat alive, we were relieved and inspired by the new lease on life that we have (literally .. the Landlord finally gave us our contract and established our residency … for however long that may be, month by month. Yippee!).

SlaDE and I went to yoga last night and were absolutely delighted by the class involvement … Our instructor (a replacement for Ally) had us do partner yoga. A first for slaDE and only my second time. It was so much fun! Full of giggles and tender loving moments, the class was inspirational and bonding to us all. A perfect way to start our romantic evening :).

I received a lovely bouquet of stargazer flowers and a 1 gig orange iPod shuffle lovingly engraved, from my sweetheart. He IS the best!!

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