An afternoon at the ballet

It was slaDE~s idea … Who would have thought??!

Cinderella ballet
On the 22nd of this month, our month anniversary date, slaDE~ made a strong affirmation that he really wanted to go see the ballet, never having experienced the elegance of such a venue. Living mere blocks away from the home of the National Alberta Ballet, we are often inspired by their colourful advertising campaign which graces many a billboard in the area. So on the phone slaDE was for hours yesterday, attempting to get the best seats for the “Cinderella” matinee scheduled for this afternoon. He was successful! We had Row A, slightly to the right of centre stage within the Orpheus Theatre on the SAIT campus.

Cinderella slippersThe performance was truly thrilling, colourful in both motion and splendour. I secretly would have loved some sort of dialogue (having been a fan of this Disney classic since my wee childhood) but understandably, it’s not about the acting, but rather, more about the dance.

The Royal Alberta Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied the performance and complimented the natural flow of the flamboyant artists. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

But to be honest, I think one of my favourite aspects of the whole event was witnessing the birth of so many princesses in their lovely ballet slippers and Cinderella dresses. I never expected to see so many young girls, dressed in their Sunday best gowns. It was such a precious sight to behold. Made me whimsical about my dreams as a young girl who like a Cinderella in her own right!

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