No guns involved on this hunting expedition!

Sunday …. our chosen together time. The moment for dreaming, discovering, re-energizing, breathing together and playing. But first we had to get the laundry out of the way!

Airstream dreamsWe have so been looking forward to this day …. exploring the Calgary RV Exposition & Sale at the Stampede grounds (a mere 5 blocks away from us!). And delve we did. I was like a kid in a toy box …. I had to go through each and every RV, finding what I liked and disliked most in the potential of our future home. We weren’t out to buy. Rather we were window shopping, with a bit more active participation on our part. The closest that I came to my dream home was a $200000 bus, loaded, detailed and furnished beautifully. But we’re not in the market for a bus. We hunger for an Airstream (or the likeness thereof, such as an Avion or a Boles Aero) and the vintage experience that will go with our chosen full-timing lifestyle. And we already have the truck well within sight and prospect. Delicious!

The day ended somewhat in a lull. What happened to the airing of Desperate Housewives?!!

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