Family is where it is at

It was a fabulous weekend for family … Bill celebrated his 84th birthday and my Father came to town on Sunday night. Dad was just passing through for a quick visit, but in this instance, quality is always better than quanitity.
Dad, my husband slaDE~ and I

We all savoured a fabulous succulent meal at ‘Moti Mahal’. Fine Indian food dining at its best, in my own humble opinion.
Dad and Bill and I
I was delighted for Dad to finally meet Bill (they mutually felt the same). Trying to tie these two men down for dinner is a difficult feat as it is, but at the same time in the same city, magic!
Dad and Bill

The next morning we were able to share in a hearty breakfast and some stretching and yoga postures, before Dad hit the road in his big shiny fancy transport truck.
Dad and his truck

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