Snow days in Texas

The threat of snow forecast for tomorrow has many Houstonians scrambling today, including many of the schools. Can you believe that the schools actually released the children either at mid-day or canceled attendance for both today and tomorrow — snow days, in Texas! How crazy is that? Anticipation of bad weather sends the city reeling until warmer temperatures step above the freezing level. For example, the shopping mecca of Market Street in the Woodlands was scheduled to close at 5pm … the Lululemon store is situated there, and for us, that meant our 5:30pm yogaFLIGHT workshop was unfortunately canceled because of the city’s ‘cautiousness’ (can you say paranoia?) over the potential threat of snow for this evening. What?????? Yes, if you’re a Canadian (or someone who lives in a snowy climate), you’re probably thinking the same thing that I am :).

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