Winter hits Houston Texas

Houston was immobilized with an ice storm last night. Freezing rain hammered the city, but not an ounce of snow was to be seen. Seems the weather moved further north overnight and the snow sent Dallas scrambling for cover (hope they manage to clear it all up for Sunday’s Superbowl game!). However, the cold snap remained and a thin coating of ice caked every visible surface. Again, the city was shut down … few know how to drive in icy conditions and the city is not equipped with de-icing resources. I think its a smart idea to stay inside, at our friend Stacey and Don’s home, where its toasty warm, dry and safe (lucky to have had this as an alternative home for Texas’ coldest week of the season). Loving the fact that I could get my morning yoga practice in without freezing! 🙂

A good day to play with the puppies, dye hair and go shopping! Once most of the ice had melted off the roads, we shoppe — after Feisty dyed her hair platinum blond, blonde, blonder. The stores were quiet, and much was achieved in anticipation of our Belize adventure, just over a week away. I bought myself a new pair of hardcore walking shoes (which happens to be my first pair of North Face footwear — aka Gortex hiking day boots). I’m not certain yet as to whether to take them to Belize or not; we may only need beach footwear and suitable shoes for skydiving / jumping into the ocean. Also, we bought a couple of headlamps … most handy for our trip as well, but also for when we’re traveling on the road in our Airstream and are in need a handy LED flashlight that leaves us hands-free. Necessary purchases. Glad to get that out of the way. Next up, packing for the trip!

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