Chillin’ in Phoenix

Doggles and KariFor the first time in 4 days, the Arizona sky was crisp, clear and a brilliant blue filled with glorious sunshine. Perfect weather for a few skydives. But as luck would have it, we had chosen today as our departure day for Phoenix. Catching a yoga class at the Phoenix Lululemon store and then visiting with our friend Tim and his new wife Kari (actually an ‘ole Skydive Chicago friend from many moons ago whom I haven’t seen in just as long) afterward was on the agenda. But even with the best laid plans, fate might throw in a curve ball, offering up a new course of action to follow.

slaDE, sKY & TimNavigating with a GPS has taught me a few things about trust and reliance on electronic devices. Today enlightened me on the principle to thoroughly research all possible options on our destination before actually starting up the truck to head towards our intended port of call. The Lululemon store finder page on their website offered the physical address to where they were located, but I didn’t think about the options of which side of the highway they were fronted on — west or east of Hwy 17? slaDE~ and I took a gamble and unfortunately chose the wrong locale. This in turn meant we missed our community class. Dang! I was so looking forward to a group practice. But still we went. I think it’s vitally important for uS to set up the foundation for the possibility of a near-future community workshop. And that we did! Lots of excitement generated for our return. The beauty of yogaFLIGHT once again prevails, making any and all efforts (and skydives not made) so worthwhile in the yoga journey we’re cre8ting.

Before we made our way back to Tim & Kari’s, the mandatory Trader Joe’s shop was just around the corner. Oh how I miss and crave TJs. The ultimate in specialty foods & wine. Yum!

And what a delightful evening we had, laughing, reminiscing, yogaFLIGHT, playing with the animals, eating and mucho wine :). All in all, a very enjoyable day!

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