Acro Yoga Fusion Throwdown, Day 2

Day 2. 

What an incredible creative process today was! We were given a partner to work with as a ‘chameleon’ within a set time frame of 25 minutes, coming up with a routine of sorts that contained spontaneous acro yoga moves that made our heart sing and worked with both partners strengths and weaknesses. I’m learning that being the base on some of these intricate looking transitions is actually attainable to me. Like a shoulder stand. Sha-wing! Today my body is extremely sore and weary, but my energy levels far exceeded that of yesterday. The afternoon workshop on Acro and Capoeira was fascinating. Capoeira is another form of dance that seems way beyond my level of experience and strength. But at the same time, it’s still so neat to witness the combination of martial arts, dance, athleticism and music intertwine with the skills of acrobatic flight.

Being today was our monthly mas-iversary, Hubby and I ate at an amazing Thai restaurant in a Mall food-court, as recommended by Eugene. Who expects to find stellar food at a food-court within a Mall? Not I. But a highly unexpected treat to be sure. If in Montreal and craving yummy and fresh Thai food, made to order, go check out ‘Restaurant Cuisine Bangkok‘ @ 1616 Sainte-Catherine Rue West. Authentically delicious!

The Acro jam in the park was very educational for both slaDE and myself. I finally feel as if I am understanding the beginnings of the move otherwise known as ‘Ninja Star’. Eugene and Jessie spent time with us, breaking each move down in to pieces. I’m enjoying the more advanced moves so much more now that I am feeling confidant in my abilities with each passing day. Hallelujah!


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