utah red rock

Across the Rockies

utah red rock vistas yogaFLIGHT with Jill's kids Driving across country is always an amazing journey, with each crossing bearing a different picture of a country’s grandeur, whether that be through Canada, the US or beyond. I’m thinking that this will be my 6th traverse (or thereabouts) by vehicle across North America? I’ve lost track to date :).

The drive to here from Vegas was spectacular. We had hoped to visit Zion National Park  upon first leaving, but with the late timing in our departure from the city, it would have given us a few hours to set up a tent and check out the area. Best left for another time where we could spend a whole week exploring all the gorgeous red rock canyons and vista views. Glorious hiking is surely to be had throughout Utah!

The trek through Utah and Colorado was truly breathtaking! The Rocky Mountains have such character, especially with the passing of each season. Winter vs Spring … a whole new animal! We had a spectacular stay with my dear South African girlfriend Jill, who lives in beautiful Boulder Colorado. Her two children are a joy to be around, and whenever we stop by (it’s usually a quick overnight visit), there is sure to be much healthy eating, giggling, play and yogaFLIGHT! If I could live anywhere in the US, Boulder would be one of the top choices for a home. I love their clean healthy living outdoor lifestyle, nestled just at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. But alas, as Canadians, we are travelling the world just as visitors and are happy to make Canada our permanent home and country of choice.yogaFLIGHT PlayJilly Bean and I

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