September 2020
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Rebranding of a Canadian Icon

yogaFLIGHT on Lululemon’s previous website design

Lululemon launched a whole new design with the rebranding of their website. White vs black. More sleek and vavaVoom, with meaningful bells and whistles that enhance the user experience.

We received an email from the marketing firm who worked on our story for the feature, telling us […]

Live @ Lululemon

What an exhilarating moment … I can’t even express the excitement that I have in the core of my belly right now. It’s kind of like a million butterflies have just taken flight and I am being towed behind them. The sensation: as if I am floating along like a giant weather balloon tethered to […]

Our Lululemon Photo Shoot

It’s been a while since feeling this excited at wanting to pounce out of bed and start my day (our wedding day and Skydiving in to the Blue Hole were both similar in depth and sentiment). An incredible surge of emotion welled within me from the time I opened my eyes … exaggerated and self-indulgent […]

Best Date Ever

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It was date night: 1 month shy of our anniversary, but I wanted to make it an […]

A Meal to Remember

After slaDE and I picked up an unexpected full size truck cap purchased through a dealer between Elora and Fergus, we made our way for a very special dinner invitation. What an amazing opportunity we were being gifted this evening. slaDE, myself, my Father and his wife Karen were invited to the home of an […]

A Day of Wonder

A busy wonderful day spent with Maureen and Ardy: a decadently healthy breakfast fit for a King, slaDE initiating Maureen to the wonders of yogaFLIGHT, passing an hour at The Five Tibetans yoga studio (with the whole place to myself!), lunching at the Atrium in Waterloo with Maureen and her two medical friends, garage sale […]

The Artist Resides Everywhere

I awoke bright and early, wanting to capture the first glimpses of a sunrise, sun peaking above the ocean horizon. Fisherman waited patiently hoping to catch some tasty delights. A walk south along the beach filled my morning, discovery upon discovery stirring the awe-struck photographer within me. Exotic flowers filled my nostrils with glorious scent, […]

New Orleans Adventures

Arising early in the morning to catch photographic trails of the rising sun is, in my books, well worth the efforts. With last nights sunset, I couldn’t help but think that today’s sunrise would be just as magical on digital ‘film’. Disappointed, I was not! Beyond the manicured short stretch of beach near the casino […]

Star Fish Company

Every day, staying with Patrick and Ann, is an adventure and outing. Today, the fog had rolled in thick like pea soup. A perfect day to explore the length of Lido Key beach. Hardly a soul in sight as we combed this fine white sandy beach. The wind caressed our faces, the waves and our […]

Beaches and stuff

Two days in a row! What to do when it’s windy and non-skydiveable in Florida? Why throw an Aerobie around and then head to the beach, of course!

Clearwater Beach with Patrick and Tom Calandra was the choice for today’s adventure. Unexpectedly, the winds by the ocean were calm and […]