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Two days in a row! What to do when it’s windy and non-skydiveable in Florida? Why throw an Aerobie around and then head to the beach, of course!

Clearwater Beach with Patrick and Tom Calandra was the choice for today’s adventure. Unexpectedly, the winds by the ocean were calm and warm. A gorgeous afternoon to sit, have an late lunch, then beach-comb along the butter-like white fine sandy beach for cool shells and photo opportunities. Several powered paragliders swooped the shore, whilst the sun danced in the sky. We sauntered along Pier 60, toying with the giant Pelicans and Blue Heron as they perched unabashedly close, in search of treats perhaps. No fear of us humans whatsoever! I was in photographer’s paradise with the skies painted a blazing orange and yellow canvas for our backdrop. Heaven on earth indeed.

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