Star Fish Company

Every day, staying with Patrick and Ann, is an adventure and outing. Today, the fog had rolled in thick like pea soup. A perfect day to explore the length of Lido Key beach. Hardly a soul in sight as we combed this fine white sandy beach. The wind caressed our faces, the waves and our hair as we delighted in the company of friends. But as with fresh and exercise, our appetites were frenzied by the end of our stroll. A perfect time to explore the delights of the Star Fish Company in Cortez (about 30 minutes north of Sarasota)!

What an experience that was … not only was the seafood divine of this fisherman’s dockside restaurant, but the view was spectacular, the quality of food superb and the prices extraordinarily reasonable. Birds of every colour and kind stayed within feet of any potential fishy leftovers or garbage that strayed their way. Customers were strongly warned that feeding of any wildlife would result in possible criminal prosecution. However, if that didn’t prevent a brazen seagull from flying up to slaDE and literally grabbing the food from slaDE~s fingers as he was about to put a french fry in his mouth. I’d say that they’re a bit too fearless and domesticated for their own good. Poor slaDE~. The look of horror on his face was enough to have us rolling on the pier with laughter.

I photographed and explored the fresh seafood market, marvelling at the magnificent quality and inexpensive price of all that fresh Gulf seafood. YummY! Of course, we couldn’t resist taking home some giant prawns for a meal for tomorrow. Whoa, I need a nap after all that good food and fresh air!

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