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The Artist Resides Everywhere

I awoke bright and early, wanting to capture the first glimpses of a sunrise, sun peaking above the ocean horizon. Fisherman waited patiently hoping to catch some tasty delights. A walk south along the beach filled my morning, discovery upon discovery stirring the awe-struck photographer within me. Exotic flowers filled my nostrils with glorious scent, vibrant colours provided a rich canvas from which to frame my vision; a 3 story bird viewing platform held spectacular perspective of the Coconut Palms and Sea Almond Trees from above; a pre-wedding setup on the beach thrilled the romantic in me; bicycles and people fascinated my artistic senses. A kaleidoscope of colour and beauty. All before 10am. Today we welcomed the next crew of skydivers, this time from Europe, invited and organized by Bruno Brokken, Gaby Meis and Regan Tetlow. A much smaller crowd, making for more unique activities and intimate events as planned for by Rich. We were both looking forward to participating with the crowd, when there was room on the plane. Another fabulous advantage to us staying longer at the Boogie. I am so grateful that we opted to vacation as long as we did. We decided to explore south of the landing area, towards town, by foot rather than water taxi, allowing for a more complete picture of the true Belizean lifestyle here on San Pedro.

After lunch we spent some time visiting with the Sunbreeze Hotel’s resident artist Christopher Emmanuel. He’s an amazingly talented painter and author. His shop is filled with fabulous images colourfully represented on canvas, and specifically, I loved his commissioned work of skydivers jumping in to the Blue Hole whilst capturing the underwater aspect of the dive. I felt very honoured when he granted me permission to photograph him working on this original piece.

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