A Day of Wonder

A busy wonderful day spent with Maureen and Ardy: a decadently healthy breakfast fit for a King, slaDE initiating Maureen to the wonders of yogaFLIGHT, passing an hour at The Five Tibetans yoga studio (with the whole place to myself!), lunching at the Atrium in Waterloo with Maureen and her two medical friends, garage sale hunting (and of course, I only bought that which I could see useful in the Airstream, nothing more), exploring some of the new developing parts of Waterloo and finally a farewell as I was delivered with care to our friend’s place in Elora. A gorgeous sunny day that ended with the most momentous of sunsets over the Elora Gorge (Lover’s Leap).


I love exploring new towns and villages, camera in hand and perpetually at the ready, especially when such photogenic landmarks hold prevalent nature’s beauty and an environmental consciousness not often seen.

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