Wine touring a go-go

wine artWOWI can’t remember the last time that I began drinking before noon. Well today, I was well on my way to full-on inebriation before the mid-day lunch rush. Scott, our winery tour guide, drove us to three tasty wineries, starting with a sampling of the sparkling beverages at the Ironhorse Vineyards. Clouds and low-lying fog shrouded the views of Sonoma County, but as soon as the sun emerged, one could see Mount St. Helena in the distance. The sparkling wines here are considered world class (served at the White House!) and our hostess Lisa was more than generous in her servings of the bubbly (and tastings of a $120 bottle of Pinot Noir) ….. she is the ultimate Wine Club Hostess! Next we made our way to WOW – White Oak Winery. I fell in love with the wine-filled chocolates. Yogi slaDE~And believe it or not, the more I drank, the less drunk i was as the day progressed. Perhaps because we made a pit-stop at a burrito bus before the 2nd vineyard?? mustard and the vinesOur final destination was to Quivira Winery, featuring organic and biodynamic wines. I was actually quite surprised that the quality of taste between these and conventional grape-made wines was non-existent. Nonetheless, Bob served us up (a bit stingy compared to other wine hostesses!) some tasty treats. I had reached my edge and was ready to savour an alcohol-free evening 🙂 with my beloved, our host Scott and his lovely girlfriend Rachel.

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  1. Hey Guys, looks like you are having an awesome time, and sorry Slade but that picture of you by the fountain just makes me want to give you a little push !

  2. Sonoma County is right where Saniel & Linda (www.sanielandlinda.com) and Ted & Hillary (www.wholebeingawakening.com) give Satsang from Waking Down.
    That would be where I’d go on the planet for satsang…
    Love, Heather

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