Southward bound

Prep before hitting the road
Vehicle love before hitting the road
Flowers flowers everywhereIt was a debate until the end …. should we or shouldn’t we? Highway 1 is one of the most spectacular coastline drives ever, or so I think, in comparison to my many years of travelling. slaDE~ has never had the privilege of exploring south of Monterey on California State Route 1. And I so wanted this to be our opportunity. But sometimes, common sense must prevail over emotion, and we chose to drive Hwy 101 instead, the ‘scenic alternative’. Quite beautiful in it’s own right, but not quite the twisting, mountainous, switchback style of the infamous route. And THIS was indeed the point of our decision. After experiencing difficulties in climbing the Grapevine pass (and thus being towed to Bakersfield), I was nervous at the thought of finding ourselves stuck in the same situation, albeit this time, in a mightier, tightier space. We are extremely grateful for having had the experience of Hwy 1 north of Monterey, and will someday return to drive the southern coast, without our trailer in tow.

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