Building Fences

tree-pruningCountry living. If you have the perception that life out in the country is laid back as a snail with no worries or stress, I’d like you to experience life with my Father for a day. He lives out in the ‘boondocks’ as one might say. Farmland as far as the eye can see. Long stretches of highway with intermittent towns. Urban life? Distant and surreal. However, growing up on a farm, I am all too cognizant of the realities of farm life.From sunup to sundown, there are perpetual tasks to do. Trimming of trees, landscaping of lawn, garden and trees, tending of animals and building of fences. Just a few of the tasks on my Father’s farm(s). I’m finding that the time for a speedy walk in the morning is a luxury for many!


And at the end of the day, exercise is plentiful with the daily farm chores, sans the morning walk. And for the past week, numerous hands have aided in building the new fence surrounding the west-wing paddock. Hoping to move his horses from the other farm, Dad has taught himself the art of building fences, gleaning from techniques of the local Mennonites. Beautiful pine posts have been purchased, 500 in total. The Mennonites farm the trees from outside sources and process them, stripped of bark, barren in all their beauty. And one by one, fencing wire is strung between the stoic posts, which are augered and planted at 20 foot paces. It’s been a week-long process, with rotating handymen / women to lend aid in building an otherwise unnoticed countryside phenomenon. In the evenings, musical communities have come together, jamming on a variety of instruments to the tune of Old Time Country. Hard to believe that in the middle of nowhere Dad’s farm is a creative haven of activity, with a music room to boot! Unending pace, fresh clean air, glorious brilliant stars, nature views that make my heart pitter patter. So happy to return to this place I call home. A farm girl I am.

sunsetBuilding fences, forming communities, shaping relationships, founding musical freedom. Life doesn’t get much better!

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  1. This sounds like a great time. I’m going to have to come up there and see the finished product!

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