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Nerves of Aluminum Steel

Day 1 of Alumapalooza:

AlumapaloozaToday was the day! At 9am, with much anticipation (mixed with a healthy dose of nervousness), slaDE and I took front row and centre stage at the Alumapalooza main tent to offer some basic yoga stretches, along with ‘Healthy Living on the Road’ tips. I wasn’t certain as to what our turnout might be, so early on in the rally. The impending threat of rain was also a possible deterrent. Yet we had at least 20 participants on this damp wet early morning behind the Airstream Factory. I broke the ice by offering homemade mung bean sprouts (a bigger hit than donuts, go figure!). And with this amazing start, my heart soared. With ease and familiarity, I fell in to a relaxed state of cadence and ease as slaDE and I co-taught a morning yoga routine along with yoga stretches for tight enclosed seated spaces (i.e. heavy focus on stiff, potentially stressed, RV passengers and stationary drivers). Of course, what would any workshop be without our display of yogaFLIGHT!

yogaFLIGHTWhy not dazzle the crowd before launching in to a discussion on healthy living on the road? Made perfect sense to uS! Shame I didn’t have any photos taken on our camera. Would have been a nice momento. Next time!

We followed with words of wisdom and experience for nutrition and healthy living on the road. slaDE and myself certainly try to walk the talk in our daily lives. Hopefully, our participants found the information useful.

Before we knew it, our hour was up. I was quite surprised to see the number of other people who had dropped by to listen to our interactive dynamically fun seminar. How fantastic is that?!

In celebration, I offer you my notes from Alumapalooza 2010, sKY & slaDE Workshop as a tool for your own steps to healthy living on the road. EnjoY!!!

Please share this download freely with your RV and road tripping friends. A healthy planet is an incredible goal. Baby steps ….

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  1. Thanks for posting your seminar notes! We’re so bummed we couldn’t be there but VERY happy it all worked out for you to become such an integral part of the event.

    All the best until we see one another down the road.

    C* & A

  2. Hey that’s awesome. I love your yoga sessions and knew you would be great.

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