Petrified Forest
Petrified Forest
IMG_3333Before setting off to Calistoga for a relaxing day at the Indian Springs Resort and Spa, we had to offer our host Scott a chance to experience yogaFLIGHT. This is what part of our adventure is all about, introducing our brand of yoga to the world and our skydiving friends! After another successful convert to the therapeutic healings of yogaFLIGHT, we set off, winding through the Petrified Forests surrounding Calistoga, weaving our way to the days magical recluse of healing and solitude. Bliss.

The price of a half hour massage had me wince (just a teensy bit), but wanting to experience this unique opportunity fully, we both succmbed to the luxuries offered, and splurged on the full package deal of a massage, mud bath and mineral pool plunge. Not certain as to how slaDE~ would enjoy the mudbath experience, I was anxious to hear all about his volcanic ash encounter.

Mineral bath
A warm mineral bath awaits
The process:  We first had a massage (preluded by a full-on steam blast to heat up the muscles) before being submerged from neck to toes in warm volcanic mud.

sKY's mud bath
Mud bath for sKY!
I expected to sink into the dark cavern of mud when I first laid atop the warm mass, but instead, had to be buried, like sand at the beach that molded around my body in a super warm embrace. 20 minutes of decadence unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before.

After rinsing off the clay in the mineral warm showers, I was then immersed in a huge tub of lukewarm geyser water, rich in minerals and salts, hydrating myself fully with cold cucumber water drinks throughout the 15 minute soak. This was followed by a moist steam room to seal in the healing benefits of the treatment, and then I was encased in dry towels for 20 minutes to cool down and drift away, with cucumber slices placed on my eyelids. After we stepped back to earth, we spent the bulk of our afternoon relaxing poolside by the Indian Springs Olympic sized mineral pool (which is maintained at a temperature of 102 degrees in the winter, 92 degrees in the summer). As their website states: “The warmth of the water makes this a healing bathing experience — soak, rest and then soak some more.” Oh how true! All I can say is WOW. This was one of my most luxurious days of pampered healing ever. Highly recommended on the bucket list of life. 🙂

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