Tricks and spins

Oh what fun! Another day of languid enjoyment of family, fall splendour and warm autumn days. Being the photo-happy Aunt that I am, I spent a gleeful few hours cataloguing flips and spins on the trampoline and video digitizing (quite shakily, from the helm of a bicycle) the ecstatic skateboard ramp jumps made by Forrester. It was so cool to watch him — as a glider is pulled to altitude behind a plane, Forrest manoeuvred the skateboard’s angle of attack to gracefully fly over the man-made jump, towed by my beloved on a trick bike. What a wistful and purely enjoyable way to spend Thanksgiving Sunday!

But alas, return we must, in need of dedicating some kitty care time and love; Tsumi is such a champion … I think that she’s finally warming to our presence within the country home that she so elegantly rules.

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