Not all Spas are cre8ted Equal

Another day, another massage. Gotta use those benefits up!
What was supposed to be a therapeutic session of spiritual awakening turned out to be an expensive disappointment of a not-so-relaxing time-mismanagement. The Spa Europa had a beautiful exterior filled with false promise of services (and therefore expectations) lauded. What I had grown accustomed to in past spa experiences (namely the fantastic Elmwood Spa) didn’t compare to my disenchantment in my first Calgarian spa. I might compare this massage to a mediocre carwash … a light feather dusting leaving me half-cleansed and wanting of more. However, on the bright side, Laura, my attendant took note of my inability to relax and offered me a brilliant calming facial massage (she is a gentle Aesthetician rather than a deep-tissue RMT).

To end the evening on a brighter note, slaDE~ and I attended a LRC meeting where we met new local friends with similar interests and dispositions!

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