Could it be falling golf balls, are they mothballs? What on earth is it?!

Egads!!! It’s snow! The size of falling flying saucers … They’re huGE!! Billowy and tangibly white. It’s official, sigh … Winter is here, or at least in the hair :).

I left poor Tsumi to wander lustlessly on the porch for her daily dose of fresh country air. It was quite adorable, watching her sniff the air as she, rather reluctantly and Matrix-like, waved her grey-black paw over the sliding door’s threshold, knowing that I would close it after her if she dared wander into the great abyss. After 5 minutes, she had had enough. This has happened 4 times already this morning (she rules the nest, her Siamese-ness) before deciding that, alas, it is far more comfortable in the warm nestles of her confined space. Seeing the white patches of fluffy snow fall, I realized that Tsumi’s days outside, soaking up the rays, might be numbered if the cold chill prevails as it has the past few dayz.

Thoughts of sugar-plums and snow-laden Christmas trees doesn’t distract this .sKY::, snow bird, from flying south in December. After the housesit, we’re heading to the land of eternal sunshine and warmth baby! Where that may be, we’ve yet to decide. In the interim, I’m bundling up like the stay-puff marshmallow man. Michelin attired I may be, but hey, I’m not going to let the sight of swirling leaves intermingled with the eddies of snow sway me from gallivanting in the country. I need my diurnal fix of manure-tainted air while I am able to savour the luxury of our recluse.

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