It was quite the sight to see the Men in action over the weekend in slaDE~s world of concrete and steel. Currently my husband is working on another huge project with Harris ReBar (The Keynote), but he has worked at ‘The Bow’ on several occasions, as Harris has taken on the mammoth EnCana building.

This spiel was put out by ctv.ca:

Massive concrete pour runs all weekend
Let it pour. A huge concrete convoy is in downtown Calgary all weekend at the site of EnCana’s new office building. The Bow Project is between 5th and 6th avenues, and between Centre Street and 1st Street.
A long convoy of trucks is continuously pouring the foundation for the 58-story high rise. Talk about a base. It will be 10 feet thick. The Bow Project involves the biggest concrete pour in the history of our country, and the fourth largest in the world. The pour will continue throughout the entire weekend at a pace of 50 trucks an hour.

What I found incredible in watching the pour was the tremendous amount of noise and the overwhelming smell of diesel fumes (an unending procession of cement trucks, running non-stop in an enclosed area over 48 hours; a constant flow!). Also, the depth of the hole and the magnitude of such a project is mind-boggling.

Big concrete pour at EnCana building
EnCana hole in the ground
Cement trucks a go-go!

I found this photo posted below on Spooof’s flickr blog, just to give you an idea of the massiveness of this project.
Big EnCana hole

Interesting Wiki tidbit … more concrete is used than any other man-made material in the world. 15000 tons was being laid this weekend. EpiC!

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