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There’s No Place Like Oz

OzTwo days and two nights at Freefall Oz / Oz Homestay Bed & Breakfast was absolutely delightful.

Seeing our old friends Ash and Celeine was an incredible treat, especially with the skilled cooking talents of Australian Ash and the shiny bright smiles & hugs from Celeine.


Ash may not be classified as a chef, but I can certainly contend that he’s one of the best cooks around, with skillful cre8tive flair and wonderful food presentation. And to be treated to the luxuries of the ‘Cherry Room’ was divine (1 of the 4 unique B&B bedrooms), especially after living the life we’ve had over the past 7 nomadic months in our Airstream. I must admit, despite the rainy weather, which precluded any skydiving scenic aerial views of the area, I was not disappointed in our visit; the hospitality and countless rounds of hot tubbing fun (both morning and night) made up for my desire to jump out of a plane.

Maly weddingCome mid-day, it was time to think about making our way towards Buffalo, home of my girlfriend Lisa and lovely family. Lisa and Mike, who have been dating for the past 17 years, are finally getting hitched tomorrow, and I very much wanted to be there in advance for her wedding prep. I had the luxury of driving our trailer for a couple of hours through the scenic backcountry. slaDE has done much of the driving on this trip, but it’s good for me to get behind the wheel and respectfully maneuver our way across New York state. It gives me confidence in towing and handling such a long trailer (35.5 feet to be exact with the Hensley hitch).

Lisa's wedding bouquet
Upon arriving in Cheektowaga, slaDE slid the Airstream neatly and in one shot into the narrow grass alley beside M&L’s house. What a man :).

The flower-making procession was in full swing and well under control. Before we knew it, the day had slipped by and I fell into a deep sleep quickly and sweetly.

Here’s more photos from Oz Homestay Bed & Breakfast / Skydive Oz that I hope you enjoy. A gorgeous farm just outside of Ceres New York well worth checking out!

Drop ZoneAsh & Celeine
barnstormingDog under AirstreamRVThereYetOz Homestay B&B DZ
ieAirstream fog

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