The Maly Wedding

Maly WeddingI love Friday evening weddings. They remind me of when slaDE and I got married, Friday August 22, 2008. With Lisa and Mike having their ceremony at the very beginning of the weekend,  the entire two days are opened up to possibility and adventure.

We were very blessed to have glorious weather for the whole day surrounding the Maly wedding. The icing on the cake? slaDE~ and I are extremely happy that we managed to make it in our travels to celebrate the union of two of our dearest friends.

Maly 1st dance

The wedding was spectacular, the bride breathtakingly beautiful and the company of friends and family, outstanding. It’s hard to believe we haven’t seen some of closest friends for 4+ years, back in the day when we spent every weekend driving down from Kitchener Ontario Canada to jump out of planes at Frontier Skydivers, just east of Buffalo New York. Amazing how time flies! So good to catch up and have our skydiving family back together, even if just for an evening.slaDE, Tad, sKY & Sandy

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