A Foul Wind Bloweth

Living on the farm at Dad’s is always a pleasure and a true treat to the senses. Connecting with nature and the beauty that exists within the countryside is surreal and amazingly grounding. Earth Mother at her finest. But I must admit, the tranquility and calm that is normally associated with country living is not a given standard when we return home. A tornado of activity begins aflurry from the moment we step foot outside of the Airstream. We hit the ground running you could say! Dad is perpetually busy … as busy as a Queen Bee. If you’ve ever spent time on a farm, you’ll understand. And with the son-in-law home and his daughter to help, a long list of tasks awaits us. slaDE however is the front-runner in all things handy, and he goes from morning to night, all willing and able to help out wherever needed. He’s such a good husband! Me, I like to problem-solve. And boy, do I ever have an eco-dilemma on my hands!

Dad recently purchased an old farm truck. It runs considerably well, but an overpowering problem exists that has Dad wary. His truck has an overwhelming smell of dog. It’s firmly entrenched in the seats, especially in the back foam cushions. Unfortunately, Dad tackled the issue himself: after having it detailed (they removed a thick mat of white dog hair), washed, waxed and made to look and smell ‘pretty’ (albeit for a few days only), the smell returned, with a vengeance. You see, Dad thought that if he sprayed a WHOLE can of Febreze into the seats, the problem might be solved. Ack! Horror of all horrors, evils of all evils, I am aghast at the magnitude of this problem. Febreze is purely a gnarly chemical cocktail which masks odours whilst also wreaking havoc on a person’s nervous system, even when used in small quantities. Imagine what an entire can could do in the small confines of a 4×4 vehicle. I can’t even bear sitting in the truck with the doors closed. It’s time to pull out the eco-friendly big guns and any tricks that I can muster. I first want to look to nature for a healthier solution for both body and planet. This is my goal each and every day!

After a considerable amount of time researching the eradication of pet odours in one’s home and vehicles, I’m falling back to my trusty old hard-working favourites (which have yet to fail me): vinegar and baking soda. For good measure, I’m amalgamating a concoction of baking soda with borax and kitty litter, with side dishes of vinegar to hopefully help soak up some of the god-awful smells oozing through the vehicle’s pores. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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