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Life on another Farm

We had every intention to spend but a few days in Bloomingdale on their Farm with our friends Brian, Jennifer and Roger. Yet having come across a magical place to park our Airstream in the woods with nature surrounding us, flowers fully in bloom, I was finding it difficult to find the momentum to carry forward with our weekend plans. Foreseeing that a weather front was scheduled to move in over the long weekend, we felt it an ideal solution to stay put on the Farm instead of hanging out at the dz on a wet and windy weekend. You see, our intention was to set up our home base at Skydive Burnaby for a few weeks before heading south to Alumapalooza in Jackson Centre, Ohio (where the 1st annual Airstream rally is being held from June 1-6). But I’m happy to say that we decided to stop and smell the roses, enjoying the farm life (which will end for Brian and friends at the end of July = eviction date) before our adventures once again shift and mould into diverse and spontaneous pathways yet unknown to both us and our friends on the farm. Here lies therein the premise behind living in the moment, enjoying the opportunities which arise and loving the freedom of a nomadic life.

Breathtaking spring flowers have exploded everywhere in the forests. And I’m a trigger-happy photographer, trying to capture the essence of shadow and light play on this amazingly scenic canvas. The scent of fresh rain, the sounds of the neighbouring horses and the bellowing nature calls have left me intoxicated with happiness and beauty. It almost feels as if we are sheltered by this magical bubble. Amidst the flurry of preparations for Monday evening’s Stephen Fearing house concert, there is peace and intellectual conversation flowing between new and old friends. Sock puppet plays, spontaneous moonlit concerts by the campfire, luxurious forest walks sprinkled with annoying mosquitos, farmers market meanderings and feasts of marvellous proportions (of course, sprinkled with the glorious consumption of delicious red wine) made for a long enjoyable weekend of bliss and heady tranquility.

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