POI Favourites

Everywhere I look on the Internet, I can unearth information that is 100 times more explicit and distracting than what I originally set out to find. Funny that. Perhaps that’s why i can get so lost in all the tabs I open? 🙂

Today I started looking for fresh, useful and appealing POIs (points of interest) to upload to our GPS. From one simple search, I started finding information which spurred my most recent blog posting. Go figure. Lost in the ether of the Internet AGAIN.

Well, the original point to THIS post was to ask you what your favourite and most useful GPS POIs are.  Mine for the USA, thus far, have been for these locations found at the POI Factory website:

I’m starting to think about future trips, and one place that we MUST VISIT whilst in the US are the Utah Parks. Here’s the POI for these: Utah National Parks POI.

For a complete listing of the POI Facory’s files for the USA and elsewhere, click here.

If you’ve never heard of POI files before, CONGRATULATIONS! This will extend your GPS (Global Positioning System) into a true Global Pleasure Service . For our GPS (a Garmin nuvi 765T), we needed to download this free application called POI Loader (available for the MAC as well, thankfully) in order to upload the POI files into our Garmin. Click here for the downloads: MAC and PC version.

Enjoy the new freedom that POIs offer. A MUST for us on the road in our Airstream!

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