The Letter

Tucked under the door, in the wee hours of the morning, awaiting our awakening. The letter. From the Property Management Company. Just before leaving for work, slaDE~ told me of its quiet yet powerful arrival, not a word of its contents. Of course, I leapt out of bed, oblivious to the clock which read 5am. I wanted to know. NEEDED to know. The stress of last week was drawn out and unbearably uncomfortable. I wanted answers, and closure, if necessary.
And there it was, in print, the options available to us. Not so bad really …. A rental increase, with slaDE~ and I taking over the lease, assuming that Jean would give her notice. It pointed out that we would bypass the waiting list and this lovely little apartment would be ours. A home! That’s all I’ve really wanted. A semblance of soundness, of belonging in a city, even if but only for a short term. I haven’t necessarily embraced Calgary (more because of the fact that it’s winter, rather than because of it’s character). Perhaps fear of attachment, especially to this cute colourful apartment. Relief filled my core. And I went back to bed to sleep soundly for several hours before my morning fitness routine. Life is good.

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