Gifting and Receiving

Love, love, love this excerpt! Kind of goes along with this weeks theme for my project366 ….

giving back

Giving and receiving …. it can be a vicious circle. What you give out comes right back to you.
But it can also be a wonderful circle.
What you give out comes right back to you. The choice is ultimately ours.
What we choose to hand out to others,
whether it be a loving eye or a revengeful one,
is what we will receive in return.

If we seek inner peace as well as outer peace,
we must first “give” what we desire to receive.
If we desire love, we must give love.
If we desire prosperity, we must share prosperity.
If we desire freedom, we must allow freedom.
If we want a life full of joy and laughter, we must share joy and laughter.
If we want a life of peace, we must start within our own self, and watch it come back a thousand-fold.

Thus perhaps “an eye for an eye” and “love thy neighbor as thyself” are the same teaching.
They are actually based in what we have discovered in modern physics:
What goes around comes around.
Nothing is ever destroyed.
There is a cause for every effect.
Which cause will we choose?
Which effect do we desire?
These are questions that we must answer in every moment of our lives —
in every thought, every word, every action (or inaction) we take.

~ Marie T. Russell ~

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