Quality time

Family time is so important to me, especially after knowing that Christmas may not be spent in their presence this year (again …). It’s not the day, but how you spend it that’s important … Hence the delayed Thanksgiving get-together with Mom and her family, and time occupied with my younger sister before her India departure.

It was wonderful to catch up and to enjoy an evening spent playing charades …. I am usually reluctant at Aaron’s encouragement to partake, but in the end, am always grateful for the light-hearted entertainment that brings our family into action, together participating in quality time that DOESN”T revolve around electric appliances. Sylvia, Florence, Willy, Mom, Pat, Aaron and myself made hilarious fools of ourselves, laughing at each other’s crazy wild-armed antics that were really quite clever, cre8tive and humorous!
Bravo ….. (Pictionary is STILL my favourite game however ;))

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