The journey begins … Are We There Yet?

There are moments in my life when I am able to stop long enough to pause, and truly reflect on the present moment, without being tugged by responsibility or emotion that threatens to break the moment of serene peace. Today, as we drove away from the outskirts of Calgary, fully rooted in the commencement of our journey, I had one of these moments.
Time stood still. One breath, one heartbeat, one awareness. In complete and utter awe at the magnitude of our decision, direction and resolution.
And it was breathtaking. Overwhelming. Exciting. Magnificent.
And with this presence, my existence attempted to reel backwards over the memories lived and loved in Calgary. As if gasping for air, my brain was attempting to comprehend the surreal truth that slaDE~ and I were leaving Calgary, moving forward on to the next exciting stage and changes of life. This prosperous city which initially started out as a kick off point to dreams and possibilities eventually became a bungee, catapulting us into our present moment: ‘semi-retirement’ following our Airstream dreams. Three years of hard work and continued growth had left us wanting for more, yearning for the building of a vaster community, sharing of our knowledge and expansion of our ambitions, goals and vision. So much is uncertain and unplanned … what path will we take? What direction shall we head, apart from south and warm for the winter? Where would our focus be …. skydiving, yoga, yogaFLIGHT, web design, pro-blogging, photography? Could we combine all our passions into one ever-evolving dream? Absolutely! RV There Yet? Absolutely not! We’ve only just begun. ūüôā

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