Ahoy Skydive Arizona!

Whoa, what a night! Not only was the pain and discomfort a jolt to my sleep pattern, the trailer was a rockin’ with the blasting winds and downpour of rain. Our previous Eloy winter had us see strong winds, but last night really topped the cake. I truly thought that we might actually roll over or have something blow off the top of the trailer. I was extremely grateful to have slaDE~ by my side to help ease my mind. As the morning broke, the winds calmed down and a heavy fog had settled in. If I hadn’t known better, I never would have thought that we were in the desert, with the patterning of puddles everywhere. I could barely walk with the pain and stiffness in my legs. Somehow I managed to shower and fill out a waiver. In the process of doing that, we bumped in to our old friends Alice and John, full-timers on the road enjoying their retirement as skydiving and canoeing enthusiasts. We spent the morning catching up and exchanging stories of life on the road. They shared with us their gorgeous recumbent bikes. How fuN! Recumbent bikes of John and Alice HicksThe weather had calmed enough for a steady influx of jumpers raining from the sky. What a glorious site from the lovely vantage point of our RV campground. We have the tunnel to the east, the landing area to the north and and protective area to the west. Hoping that this westerly protection helps us as the predicted wild week of weather ahead of us rains down upon us. Tomorrow the weather is forecast to emulate a hurricane driving through. let’s hope that we weather the storm and get a few jumps in before we leave on the weekend. Wish us luck! Hope Skydive Arizona survives unscathed through the storm.

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