Paradise Is Where Your Heart Is

Saturday … the weekend. A time for joyous celebration with the ending of a work week. But hold on, every day is Saturday in my books, as of late. Each day runs into the next, enmeshed by that glorious sense of freedom and lack of responsibility. Wake up, feed the stomach and soul, shower, nap, swim, sunbathe, beach-comb, skydive (not necessarily in that order) …. whenever the feelings urge and inspire me. And today, we find ourselves halfway through our Belizean adventure. Thinking, planning, staying present yet leaping forward, at times, responsible to a greater good, a future that has plenty of surprises for us in store. A return to reality. With 2 fiercely wonderful reasons for returning to our Ontario home in 2011. Beautiful and vibrant reasons to move forward, taking us from Belize, to Texas and then back to Canada in time for the Spring. I’m savouring the peace now as fireworks are certainly bound to explode in a vibrant cacophony of melody and beauty. The calm before the storm.

So you see, perfection has its moments here in paradise, and right now, I’m thinking of a blissful skydive, followed by a rum cocktail punch, complete with lounging by the pool and the writing of some postcards expressing “Wish you were here”. Ah, now that’s the life. Or is it?

I really don’t want to wish for anything more than I have. An awesome husband and a home that we adore, with a lifestyle that lends itself to moments of complete and utter surrender, peace and chaos. Love all-encompassing. 9 + years in the making. Here, and present in paradise (sans the silver bullet, of course — home is where you make it). Wishing for nothing other than one breath after the other, living the dream. Hoping that someday (or today, this very moment) you may too experience the beauty of paradise, wherever that may be for yoU.

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