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Duffy and sKYPoint Lomo LighthouseThe weather was rather windy and cloudy today. A good day to explore the area and play tourist. And what better place than touring San Diego, hanging out with an old friend who I haven’t seen in over 10 years? I was actually looking forward to introducing my husband~ to Duffy … they’ve known of each other for many years, but never had the opportunity to meet. And Duffy being the generous man that he is, offered to take us both for individual flights in his Beechcraft Skipper stationed at Montgomery Field Airport. When we met up, it was if it were yesterday, and the ease with which slaDE~ and Duffy got along, makes me feel all the more lucky to have such a social amazing husband. Because the high tailed Skipper only fits two passengers, I was the first to enjoy a spin around the area, enjoying gorgeous coastal views and skirting the lower edges of Class B airspace. At one point, we were 1500 feet above the International Airport of Lindbergh Field. Amazing that they allowed us to sight-see directly over top with a jet landing and another taking off just to our right. Duffy has a way with words :). Must be that amazing radio voice of his! In our tour of the area, we had front row views of Aircraft carriers, Frigates and Nuclear submarines which lined the coastal inlet, Naval Air Station North Island with F18s at the ready, Coronado Bridge with San Diego in the background, scenically impressive Point Loma Lighthouse, touristy Crystal Pier, and last but not least, the USS Midway Museum. This museum happens to be a real naval aircraft carrier that served in the United States Navy for 47 years.  Large and very impressive, it has real jets and real airplanes up on the flight deck that travelers can actually walk into, even sitting in the cockpits. Duffy did a skydiving demo in to there last month. Perhaps something on the agenda to see from ground level?

California coastlineSan Diego viewsAs the sun was setting, we glassed in a smooth landing and made our way over to where slaDE~ anxiously awaited his turn for a tour. I was happy for him to experience the ride of a lifetime. And Duffy was sure to not disappoint! The views of the city with the lights turned on undoubtedly provided a totally different vantage point from his mind’s eye.

We had a fabulous meal and a session of yogaFLIGHT to end a incredibly prodigious day!

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  1. To paddle down the river of time and go into any place is something one would only imagine ,you proved it can be real.Joy is what what we feel when we share with another.May you always have Joy.

    love, hugs and kisses
    Mom Dawson

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