Prairie bound.

The last month has been a whirlwind of activity, preceded by an exciting adventure-filled summer. We were in need of a mini-staycation. The answer? Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort. After returning from Vancouver yesterday, our initial plan was to leave right away for Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, but we had unfinished business to deal with first, before heading back to Ontario. The romantic notion of fitting all of our life’s belongings into the car was far from realistic. We had an excess 300lbs of ‘stuff’ being stored in TJ’s garage. After re-evaluating our priorities and thereby adjusting our Thanksgiving family plans, we set about consolidating our possessions into well-stuffed ‘packages’ and shipping them rather economically through Greyhound Express. Far easier than packing up our apartment, thankfully, and far less stressful. Heather and Marcel were welcoming, as always, and we spent the night enjoying the company of good friends and family. The next morning, we sped off on our first leg of the cross-Canada journey and arrived in Moose Jaw in much need of a long soak in the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa. Spa soakingWhat a delicious treat! I felt as if a month’s worth of anxiety and busy-ness was stripped off, layer by layer, melting me into a comfortable state, in preparation for the long exciting journey ahead. And with that renewed sense of rejuvenation and refreshment, an amazing metamorphosis into my new skin was quickly evolving. I was coming home.

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