Skydive Houston: home for the holidays

With a very muddy Airstream in tow, we pulled in to the Waller Texas drop zone, aka Skydive Houston. If only I could describe the supreme excitement which fluttered in the pit of my stomach at the vision of a Pac and Otter, patiently sitting out the rain and clouds and wind. My butterflies are tired of being cocooned and are ever so anxious to dance their way to freedom. That’s where I sit right now. Time and place negotiated. Quiet resounding silent joy. Returning to the place of home and comfort and ecstatic bliss. Home for the holidays. In more ways than I can explain.

All this on the heels of the adventure in getting here, a mere 50 miles from the birthplace of our GPS purchase. I say this tongue in cheek.  You see, it’s begun. The love / hate relationship with our new GPS. But as with anything worthwhile in life, the initial learning curve can be steep, but ever so rewarding. I love the power and function behind navigating with a device that provides the nuances and waypoints of even the smallest of towns or country roads. It even displays the current speed we’re travelling (i.e. no more confusion in the conversion of km vs miles) and validation on whether we’re actually speeding or not (sorry honey, I have you clocked!).  But as in life and technology, we all have our failings. Funny that on our Nuvi 765‘s maiden voyage we should come across our first blip. slaDE selected the options of providing us with the most fuel savings (‘less fuel’) whilst avoiding motorways. Instead of simplistic and straight-forward, we were piloted down back roads and gravel muddy pathways, resulting in a dead end (which was, by the GPS’s own accord, a viable road continuing on for another 2.1 miles) complete with a questioning Texan farmer and guard dogs at the ready. Acquiring only a few scratches on the roof top from wayward trees, slaDE skillfully and eventually navigated the Airstream to the drop zone, 1 hour beyond the expected arrival time.

Oh what a relief, to set up shop for a couple of weeks, trailer unhitched, with no place to be, but comfortable in our own skin, our own home. No agenda – apart from a daily date with my yoga mat – and no one to account for, but each other. Time to sit back, re-evaluate the plan. What’s next you might ask? A good question indeed! Will we be able to volunteer at the Yoga Journal conference in California this February? Fingers and toes and eyes are crossed. 🙂

Where by chance is your heart this Christmas holiday season? Are you able to fulfill your heart’s desire? Here’s my wish to you …. may you find your home and heart in sync, on the road to finding your true path. May there be an extraordinary flow of synchronicity, wonder, abundance, peace and, most importantly, love.

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