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Eat. Pray. Love. across Canada

slaDE~ and I have spent many an hour driving in our Mercury Cougar, cross border, cross country (twice!), from boogie to drop zone and with no real difficulty or road-block. But driving under a time-constraint with a promise to be somewhere, in time for Thanksgiving dinner, has added insight into the Airstream roadtrip next month and what NOT to do. Oh the pressure! Literally … both my protesting body and fast-filling bladder were under turmoil trying to go from tank to tank gasoline fills. You’d think that being a yoga instructor, I’d be pretty good at stretching regularly, whether it be in the confined space of a well-packed car or the wide-open expanse of a forest. However, slaDE~ had to keep reminding me to stretch in whatever way I could manage and to try to ‘hold it’ until the next gas fill. I think that I was too afraid of the bladder bursting to move around too much. So as a way of distraction, we listened to a couple of books on tape, during which I responded to my long-neglected emails. For some reason, I really couldn’t get into the blogging mode / mood, even though we had 39 hours of driving to do within 4 days (Day 1 = 6 hrs; Day 2 = 12 hours; Day 3 = 15 hours, and Day 4 = 5 hours).

During the long haul, what surprised both slaDE and I was our candid fascination and love for the story “Eat. Pray. Love.” woven by Elizabeth Gilbert. Listening to the tales of Elizabeth’s travels seemed incredibly apropos considering the journey of discovery that we are embarking on. Not only that, she has a remarkably interesting voice that weaves a fascinating, intelligent and witty story. It was incredible to witness the richness of dialogue between uS that resulted from listening to her exuberant tales. I found it touching to hear of slaDE~s own story of spiritual growth and connection that has emerged with our yogic journey. We indeed were eating, praying and loving across the Canadian landscape, bearing witness to the magnificence around as well as within uS.

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