On the road again.

Hard to say goodbyeslaDE~ and I had planned to leave early morning, making our way through Texas along scenic US90, perhaps making it through to El Paso in one day. But fate had other ideas in mind. You see, Barbie the new Mother goat, died this morning, along with her first born who succumbed to this fate shortly after her Mother passed. Only 1 of the 3 siblings remained, a crippled male goat fondly named ‘Little Fella’. I have learned so much about goats in the past week. One being that newborns are incredibly cute and not overtly shy. They are quite playful when they have a sibling to frolic with. And they bunt their Mother’s teat every time they try to feed. Not your typical gentle suckling image. 🙂 We stayed well into the afternoon, attempting to help Kara with the ‘Little Fella’ in drinking from a nippled coke bottle. It was rather humourous watching Kara’s other household pets (2 cats & 3 dogs) assess the new ‘family’ member. Brute, the rather large Rottweiler, seemed to take an instant liking and protectiveness to the 2 day old Billy Goat. Brute and Little Fella

But we had to get underway if we were to make any headway before dark.  I took the initiative to drive the first leg. On Lululemon’s manifesto, they suggest doing something each and every day that scares you. Well, driving our Airstream certainly achieved that measure. I don’t mind streamlining down the Interstate at a steady comfortable pace (can you say 55 mph?), but navigating through traffic, barreling through yellow lights with 11,000 pounds pushing my butt steady forward and piloting around corners leaves me wanting to become a silent and reverent passenger. I’m quite happy to leave the driving to slaDE~. I guess I’ve always been that way in our relationship, although I truly enjoy driving, when on my own. I’ve also discovered on this trip that I am a very nervous passenger with our trailer in tow. Need to breathe more and trust that slaDE~ will guide us safely from place to place (probably a whole lot safer than if I were at the wheel!).

On the road again.3 hours on the road today seemed like such a short haul, but at least, the momentum of leaving the farm established us in a direction towards Eloy. I’m very excited about jumping there and seeing some of our old friends. Part of me wants to winter the rest of our time in the US here, Maverick that I am. 🙂

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    1. Hi Tammy
      We were all so very sad about the goats as well. Not sure why Barbie died. Could have been complications from the childbirth, losing the second baby of 3? The baby girl (first born) was so healthy when she died. Kara told me that goats don’t have any will to live, and perhaps knowing that her Mama had just passed, she gave up the fight, being only 1.5 days old??

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