Texas Travellin’ Tango

Texas 'sunflower'Gorgeous coloursBy far, today was the best travel day we’ve had in our two months of RVing. After our morning stock-up at WalMart, we set sail  nice and early, with the goal of reaching El Paso by nightfall. Travelling the road less journeyed today was an incredible experience. We thoroughly enjoyed a pit stop at the Langtry Information Centre, just north of Del Rio, Texas. Off the beaten path, this treasure hideaway in a town of 17 offered a cheerful break from the Texan desert push. The travel hub had a beautiful cactus garden to explore. And with the Rio Grande River a short hike away from the village nucleus, we enjoyed a chance to stretch our legs and explore the border divide of the desert river which is striking in its expanse and grandeur. Buzzards circled above, an eye on the desert prey. The bluffs stretched as far as the eye could see, with caverns dipping here and there. The array of rock colours with the burnished tree varieties added distinctive ‘pop’ to an otherwise cloudy muted sky. I enjoyed the enormous photo ops within this storied population (classified as a ghost town!). So much history within the falling walls of buildings deserted.

The landscape off the beaten path was exquisite, and then we reached Interstate 10. The mountains were intriguing with the changing colours, but we were so grateful to have wandered off the path of least resistance. El Paso was a welcome stop after a long engaging  day.

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