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Elora is spectacular. Our current home away from home, where the village is perched on the edge of a dramatic gorge. Elora Gorge is a conservation area where the Grande and Irvine Rivers nestle the rugged terrain and rolling hills, making this area a magical and picturesque dream hideaway. The perfect spot for us to decompress after our crazy past month. And with the generosity of our friend’s 35 foot driveway, we were able to squeak our trailer snugly into a precise fitting refuge meant just for us, savouring in this moment. Yay for kind neighbours and a township that allows for driveway parking.

My favourite memories of our week in Elora? There are SO many … may the photos accompanying my thoughts create a wonderful picture of the beauty found here.

Having Jennifer read her 1.5 hour one-woman play to us in an Irish accent throughout.

Walking with Jen, Roger and their animals.

Savouring the freshly blooming flowers and transcendant in Lilac heaven

Escaping for walks along the Gorge.

Enthralled by the beauty of Nature and evening campfires

Spending an evening with Silver family friends in their gorgeous Elora home, sharing yogaFLIGHT and talking in to the wee hours.

Loads of quiet time to contemplate, take photos and read.

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