Arizona bound

IMG_2285It’s been a fun week of living on the farm, experiencing the joys of birth and the lows of flooding. Exploration beyond our corralled walls was actually contained to a minimum from our usual convention of adventurous exploration, flying by the seat of our pants. The expansion this week came from within, delving into the realms of my psyche, really examining my hearts desire and goals. The synergy between my husband and I was not so self-evident at times, as we struggled with words and clashed like polarizing magnets. So close, but yet so far. I suppose that is what makes us so unique and individual in our ying yang relationship. A journey to discover the mutually beneficial ideologies of our life together, venturing to find the harmony in our differences. Not such an easy task, but well worth the challenge and journey. slaDE~s worth it.

Our drive later this morning will be boosted by the readings of Stephen R. Covey. I so look forward to his readings as we make our way across Texas, westbound to Eloy and the patiently waiting wind tunnel!

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