Luxury at it’s best: A Christmas Surprise

It was to be our Christmas present to Agnes, a day out in the city of Toronto, experiencing unique, luxurious and delightful treats that define what gift giving is all about. However, we wanted to surprise slaDE~s Mom, so we had to have it planned and organized to a tee. And I must admit, we were incredibly successful in keeping the day exciting and filled with much love and laughter.

We set out at 7am so as to comfortably arrive in time for our 9am massages at the Elmwood Spa. What a fantastic surprise for us to learn that this was Agnes’ first time for both receiving a massage and experiencing the joys of a spa! We spent 4 hours just luxuriating between the hot tub, steam room and the heated pool after our blissful rubdown. From the Elmwood we grabbed a quick falafel and made our way to the balcony’s front row and centre seats at the Panasonic Theatre, where we delighted in the Blue Man Group performance. We had the bonus of plexiglass ledge (a balcony lighting shield) to follow the fabulous show’s drumming. After the performance, we walked down the entire length of Yonge Street revelling in the Christmas window displays and the colourful people. The temperatures were quite brisk, so we were happy to turn around after reaching the Far Niente restaurant that our friend Liv works at. We scooted around Nathan Phillip’s Square, watching the skaters whirl and twirl, all the while photographing the incredible light show. Before meeting Anshu for dinner, we tucked into a pile of fries and gravy, tastier than any fries ever had in my short lifespan. Yummy!

We were in for a surprise ourselves, in that we were joined for dinner by our Cambridge friends Kiran, Seema and Santosh. Anshu’s girlfriend Melinda filled out the group and a sumptuous Thai dinner was had by all. What a truly amazing delicious adventure we’ve had for our Christmas Day in Toronto!

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