Living on the Edge (of reason & sleep)

I had never seen slaDE~ pull an all-nighter before, but last night he did. We arrived home in time to watch our favourite show, Grey’s Anatomy, and a little bit of CSI, and then we were off and running to the races. I spent my time sorting through and packing my luggage and belongings and slaDE~ sorted through his paperwork and life in storage. Getting ready for a big trip and a move is always a bit chaotic and sometimes traumatic for me (and those around me sometimes too! — You see, I have way too much stuff and it usually means sorting through that stuff and deciding what I can and can’t live without).

I managed to fit it 3 hours of nap but felt somewhat stressed trying to assimilate it all in. But somehow, someway, I and we did. All week I had been trying to squeeze in a few appointments to see both my Dentist and Optometrist. Seeing the Dentist seemed impossible on such short notice, but early that morning, they called saying that I could have a slot at 11am in Listowel. Doing some quick calculating on whether we’d be ready in time, I gave a confident ‘Yes!’ and prayed that we’d have our act together in time for the 45 minute drive. Like I said, the puzzle seemed to fall into place and with amazingly skilled confidence, slaDE~ managed to fit ALL of our bags into the car, with the bonus of comfortable manoeuvrability in the front seats (very important not to be trapped in more than we already are on a long x-country tour). The pouring freezing rain made for awkward wet loading for slaDE~ but he was a trooper and a pro (we are Professional Packers, albeit skydiving canopies are our subject of choice). We made it, running a little bit behind, but I was grateful for slaDE~s skilled driving in the somewhat treacherous icy conditions … slow and careful.

After a clean bill of health (no cavities!), we made our way to Kitchener to spend some time with slaDE~s Mother Agnes, first stopping in Hawkesville to pick up a few items I forgetfully left behind – – a good excuse to pop in and say hello to Tsumi (I miss her so much!). Tsumi told me that the feeling was mutual, and it made me feel better. 🙂

It was really lovely to see Agnes; it had been a year, with her tucked away in Newfoundland, since we last saw her. However, Sherry, Brett and Agnes had their own agenda (a trip to the local Indian reserve) and we had plenty of running around to do before the day ended. Specifically, we wanted to go in search of a computer for Mom and Pat that would hook them up to the internet and run Windows XP, comfortably. Currently they have a Pentium I with dinosaur technology and components, and it’s time that their techie children bring them up to speed, literally, on learning how to use the internet and such.

After much success at getting our errands complete, slaDE~s entire family (except for his sister Corry who is currently in Newfoundland with her family) and I went out for dinner at the Mongolian Grill – – Agnes’ Christmas present to us. It was a lovely evening, meeting Shayne’s girlfriend Jennifer, sharing many photographs, bright smiles and much laughter between us all. Took the edge right off the flurry of our day :).

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