Superfoods!I was just given this link by a fellow freecycling member (I wanted a food processor to make raw eating and prep all that much easier). The Superfood Family …. it’s a great starting resource for those who are interested in eating raw food or at least have toyed with the idea of introducing the concepts into their lifestyle. I’m so happy {and lucky} that this ‘Superfood Family’ is locally based! Their newsletter is quite informative, and incredibly positive.

In my research, I’m discovering that the best way to look after AND respect my body (and self) is to feed it the healthiest foodstuffs … those being raw, organic plant based foods.

As Malcolm from the Superfood Family says: “We are what we eat and so if we want to have healthy bodies we should make sure we put healthy things into them.”

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s been such an interesting process so far. My coworkers are amazed at my stamina and most believe that they couldn’t find the self-discipline to participate in such a cleanse, especially a long one. I think that most could if they WANTED to. That’s the difference … a successful detox means that you have to believe in yourself and want the process {and end result}.

strengthI’m discovering a new-found core strength that I never knew existed within me. When I love, nurture and respect my body and my health – making healthy choices for myself has been relatively painless and ‘easy’. In my 17 days of detoxification, I haven’t strayed from my plan or wavered from the prescribed routine of my ‘diet’. No sugar (apart from the natural sweetness found in juices), no carbs, no chocolate — that’s been the tough one, no nothing bad for me. Temptation thrives at every corner, but I refuse to succumb. I’ve put so much effort, love, joy and money into this detox, that I can’t justify not maintaining it to the perfection that I know. AND as a bonus, I feel strong and clear and clean. I truly feel that a live-food raw lifestyle will filter into my livelihood. Slade however has no desire to prescribe to such a change. And that is perfectly okay, if that is what he wants and needs to maintain his energy and health. Amen to knowing our limitations and understanding what we all need and want in life.

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