Life as we know it

aromatherapy potentialI know, it’s been almost a month without a posting from moi! I’m feeling rather sad at the fact that I haven’t posted anything about our spectacular trip to Florida with our nieces and their family. It was so INCREDIBLE. Maybe someday soon I’ll catch up 😉 However, the hectic lifestyle of a full-time working entrepreneur, trying to build not one but two new businesses has kept me incredibly busy! My yoga teaching and my aromatherapy venture. It has been quite the adventure. I truly love what I do, but I think that I’ve overfilled my plate a tad, and I’m suffering from a bit of ‘indigestion’ so to speak. More like consistently tired, sleep-deprived, fluctuating energy, waning enthusiasm and shifting moods. My husband is in awe at what I’ve accomplished, and this helps to motivate and spur me through the tough all-nighters. He’s 110% supportive and lends me his nose whenever I need a unbiased opinion. Tough at times though as he is not as scent-focused as I am. And males are known to have lesser sensory ‘skills’ as women. An interesting tidbit I thought.

aromatherapy and meSo tonight, I am putting work aside and spending some quality time with my honey, snuggling in bed and watching a movie! Oh the good ‘ole times. When the weekday evenings were ours to do whatever we chose, no commitments (other than the occasional Talisman yoga class). Time to rest, relax and revitalize the energy. Just in time for our week-long Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training retreat! Yeah, it’s our final course. And then once we finish our course, essays, book reviews and exam, we’re fully qualified through Yoga Alliance. Ready for life on the road with our passions guiding us from one venture to the next.

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