Leaving Canada

It’s been an incredibly frustrating week. The computer that we picked up for Mom and Pat had an initial breath of life, where all seemed to go well in the birthing and development process, but then it suffered a glitch with the BIOS, and the blue screen of death became our nemesis. We returned to the Kitchener store, where zippity-zip, they fixed it (or supposedly did). But upon our lengthy return back to Lakeside (50 minutes drive away), the same inexplicable problems arose. However, slaDE~ was determined and tried at length to problem-solve the core issue, but the BIOS was something only the techs could fix. So again we trudged back to Kitchener, feeling rather disgruntled but hopefully optimistic.

The Technical Support at Technotrade were FANTASTIC …. I can’t recommend them enough. Throughout our 4 days of computer glitches, they provided both telephone and on-site support that exceeded any other experience I’ve had with any computer company. Technotrade stands fully behind their warranties. With much patience on both of the confounded technician and our part, they eventually fixed/replaced the BIOS and loaded our software that we wanted to install. We were happy to return home with a fully primed machine that runs far faster than my little MAC PowerBook could ever hope to. But hey, PC vs. MAC? No contest :).

By 11am, we were on the road, skirting the edge of the snowstorm as we finally made our way to Illinois. Our border crossing was uneventful (unexpected with such a jam-packed to the gills car) and we made quick time in our drive to Barb’s. I was really excited about seeing her! Hard to believe that we had passed through in the late spring … feels much longer ago than that. We arrived a bit later than hoped, but with our slow start, we still made really good driving time, with perfect weather to boot.

It was wonderful to spend some time catching up with Barb (boy, what a tremendous nourishing dinner she had waiting for us!). But being the lightweight that I am, I crashed fairly early. You’d think that I had worked a full day or something 🙂

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